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HP-UX is Hewlett Packard's proprietary version of the Unix operating system. For those wishing to demonstrate proficiency with the HP-UX OS, HP offer two distinct levels of HP-UX certification:

The HP-UX CSA qualification is the first rung of the certification ladder requiring the passing of just one exam. While there are no prerequisites for the HP-UX CSA track, candidates wishing to attempt the more advanced HP-UX CSE exams must first attain the CSA credential.

The upper tier HP-UX CSE qualification is offered in three different specialty tracks giving the candidate the opportunity to specialise depending on their preferred career path. All specialty tracks consist of two exams; the HP0-A02 (which is common to all three tracks), and one other. The available HP-UX CSE specialties are:

  • HP-UX CSE - Specialty in High Availability

  • HP-UX CSE - Specialty in Networking and Security

  • HP-UX CSE - Specialty in Virtualization

All of the HP-UX certification exams can be booked through any Prometric testing facility, but candidates must obtain an HP student ID first (you can find more information about this on the HP home page under your own local region, or click here) When registering for your first exam you'll also be assigned a Prometric ID which you then can use for any subsequent exams. The cost of each exam vary depending on your location and the exam number.

At the start of each exam you will be presented with a number of survey questions (these questions have no impact on your score or your time available), and at the end of the exam you will be notified if you passed or failed (you'll be given a detailed score report indicating a pass/fail for each of the exam sections). HP will also be notified of your score.

If a candidate fails the exam on their first attempt they are not required to wait before attempting the exam again, but should the candidate fail the second attempt, then they must wait a period of 30 calendar days before any and all subsequent attempts.

Candidates who pass either of the HP-UX certifications remain certified for the lifetime of the certification track.

On the following pages you'll find more information about the specific HP-UX certification tracks, as well as links to numerous free HP-UX self-study resources (study guides, practice exams and more) to help you prepare for, and pass your exams.

HP-UX CSA Certification
HP-UX CSE Certification
Free HP-UX Study Guides
Free HP-UX Practice Questions

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