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What is the Apple Certified Trainer certification?

The Apple Certified Trainer (ACT) program certifies candidates to deliver the Apple curriculum across a wide range of subjects – everything from OS X through to Apple’s pro applications such as Final Cut Pro and Aperture.

Who is the Apple Certified Trainer certification for?

The ACT is the right choice for anyone wanting to officially teach Apple operating systems or software programs. As only ACT’s are eligible to deliver Apple Certified Training, the credential is a must for candidates wishing to teach at an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC).

There are two different ACT tracks:
  • Apple Certified Trainer for Pro Applications – this is for individuals who wish to teach Apple’s Pro Applications curriculum at an AATC.

  • Apple Certified Trainer for I.T. – this track is for individuals who wish to teach Apple’s OS X curriculum at an AATC.

Are there any prerequisites?

It is recommended that prospective ACT’s already have some structured teaching experience, have excellent presentation skills, and obviously be fully familiar with Apple’s technologies and applications.

How do I earn the ACT?

Because of the high quality demanded of professional instructors, Apple has a comprehensive path for both ACT tracks. Simply passing an exam is not enough, candidates must be able to demonstrate their presentation skills and matter expertise during a 4-day course. Generally speaking, the process for both is as follows:
  • Master the technology, be it OS X or a Pro Application.
  • Pass an exam relating to the technology.
  • Submit an Application to Apple to be considered as an ACT.
  • Attend a 4-day training course.
  • Pass the Trainer Exam.

For more information, download the Apple Certified Trainer Overview (pdf)