Apple Mac OS X and OS X Server certifications

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The Mac OS X certifications from Apple demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge and skill using and managing Apple OS X systems. OS X certification is aimed at I.T. professionals who might typically:
  • Need to know how to incorporate a Mac into an existing standards-based network.
  • Support OS X users, be they individuals, teams or even entire organizations.
  • Administer and manage networks of OS X devices within the enterprise, including hybrid networks where OS X devices run alongside other platforms.

At the time of writing, the OS X certification tracks offered are:
  • Apple Certified Associate - Mac Integration:
  • Demonstrates a candidate’s ability to integrate Macs into existing standards-based networks, i.e. Windows. Covers topics such as Directory Services, File Sharing, Printing, E-mail, etc.

  • Apple Certified Associate - Mac Management:
  • Demonstrates a candidate’s ability to deploy, configure and manage multiple Macs into an enterprise environment.

  • Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) (OS X Support Essentials Exam):
  • Demonstrates a candidate’s knowledge of Mac OS X core functionality and ability to configure core services, as well as perform basic troubleshooting.

  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) (ACTC Recertification Exam):
  • Building on from the ACSP, the ACTC expands on the configuration and troubleshooting covered by the ACSP.

All of the exams can be taken at any Apple Authorized Testing Center (AATC), with the Associate level exams also available to be taken online (online is generally cheaper).

For an overview of each of the certification tracks, as well as preparation guides, visit the official Apple OS X certifications page.