Cisco Certified Design Associate (Cisco CCDA) Certification

  1. CCDA Information

What is the Cisco CCDA Certification?
The CCDA certification (Cisco Certified Design Associate) is Cisco’s foundation-level network design certification. Candidates who successfully gain CCDA accreditation should be able to design routed and switched network infrastructures, as well as services involving LAN, WAN, and broadband access for businesses and organizations. For individuals wishing to demonstrate knowledge of network design suitable for small and medium sized businesses, the CCDA certification is a good endorsement of those skills.
Who is the Cisco CCDA for?
The CCDA credential is suited for network design or support engineers as well as network technicians who wish to demonstrate an understanding of, and competence with, network design fundamentals. A CCDA qualified candidate will be able to demonstrate the ability to design small-to-medium sized networks, including wireless networks. Candidates should have between one to three years experience in the design of small-to-medium sized networks using primarily Cisco equipment.
What are the prerequisites?
Previously there were no prerequisites required but, from October 1, 2013, the CCENT certification will be a required qualification before candidates can take the CCDA exam.
How do I earn the Cisco CCDA certification?
To obtain CCDA certification a candidate needs only to pass one exam:
  • 640-864 DESGN (Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions Exam).
The exam is 75 minutes in duration and consists of approx. 50-60 questions.

The types of questins that you can expect are mostly multiple-choice and drag-and-drop. To see a brief simulation of the question formats that you are likely to encounter, click here.
What are the passing scores for the CCDA exams?
The passing score for the CCDA exam is 790 on a scalle of 300 to 1000.
How much do the CCDA exams cost?
Cisco offer a brief summary of the cost of their exams on this page, however at the last Cisco exam price increase, the cost of the CCDA exam went up to US$200 (from US$150). Check on the official Cisco website or contact your local Pearson VUE testing facility for the latest price.
Where to take the CCDA exams
Cisco exams are proctored by Pearson VUE. You will need to register with them before you can take a CCDA exam. You can find more information about them here.
What is the CCDA exam retake policy?
The CCDA certification is valid for a period of three years after which time recertification is required if an individual wishes to remain CCDA certified. To recertify, a candidate must either pass the applicable current CCDA exam, pass any CCIE exam, or pass any '642 exam' or any Cisco Specialist exam.

A full list of the recertification options can be found on this page.