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What is the Cisco CCENT Certification?
The CCENT certification (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) is an entry-level networking credential from Cisco aimed at bridging the gap to the more advanced Cisco certifications, such as the CCNA.

Candidates taking the CCENT exam should be able to configure and maintain small routed and switched networks, including the ability to configure IP addresses, implement basic security measures and understand the concepts of wireless networking. In simple terms, a CCENT-qualified candidate should be comfortably able to set up and manage a small office network.
Who is the CCENT certification for?
Cisco's CCENT certification is aimed at candidates with little previous networking experience who are looking for an introduction-level credential. It is especially ideal for those just starting out who wish to pursue, in time, more advanced Cisco, or other network-related, certifications such as Cisco's CCNA or CCIE.
Are there any prerequisites required to take the CCENT?
There are no prerequisites to take the CCENT exam and neither is the CCENT a prerequisite for the higher-level Cisco CCNA (or any other credential). However, the CCENT exam is actually one half of the two exams required for the CCNA certification (if a candidate elects to take the two-exam path rather than the one-exam path) so that gives candidates an incentive to take the two-exam CCNA track as they will gain an additional credential along the way.

Gaining the CCENT qualification also rewards candidates with access to the Cisco Certification Community which offers access to membership-only training material (handy when preparing for the second of the two CCNA exams if taking the two-exam path). Candidates taking the one-exam path toward the CCNA are not granted the CCENT qualification upon passing.
How do I earn the CCENT Certification?
In order to gain the CCENT certification, candidates need to only pass one exam:

A complete breakdown of the exam objectives and other exam information can be found on the Cisco CCENT web page. To get access to all of the exam information you will need to register for a Cisco account.
What is the passing score for the CCENT exam?
Exams are scored on a points scale from 300 to 1000 and each question in the exam is weighted depending on the format of the question (simulation, multiple-choice etc) and difficulty. The specific weighting of points for any question can vary from exam to exam. Because of this variable nature of the weighting system, Cisco does not publish the passing score of the CCENT exam. Candidates receive an exam score report indicating a pass or fail at the conclusion of the exam.
What if I fail the exam?
If you fail your CCENT exam you must wait at least five days before taking the exam again. This waiting time starts the day after the failed exam. In essence, as most testing facilities only operate 5 days per week, this means you must wait one week before trying again.
Will I have to renew the CCENT Certification at some stage?
The CCENT certification is valid for three years after which time a candidate will need to recertify in order to remain current (Cisco will send candidates a reminder shortly before the expiry date of their certification). Cisco offers candidates a number of ways to recertify, including passing any higher-level certification exam.
How much do the CCENT exams cost?
Prices for Cisco exams will vary depending on your location (sales taxes, exchange rates, etc). To find out the exact price of your exam contact your local testing facility.
Where can I take the CCENT exam?
The CCENT exam can be taken at any Pearson VUE centre, but make sure to check your nearest location for availability, rules and regulations and exam times long before you intend to take the exam.
Where can I find CCENT study resources?
There many great CCENT training resources available including this list of Cisco best sellers. But, to get you started, you'll find many links to CCENT study guides and other study materials on our free CCENT study guides section. If you can't afford the hardware to set up your own testing lab then remember there are many online labs and free Cisco simulators that you can use.