Cisco Certified Network Associate Service Provider (CCNA Service Provider) Certification

  1. CCNA Service Provider Information

What is the CCNA Service Provider certification?
The Cisco CCNA Service Provider certification is Cisco's Associate-level specialist networking certification that focuses on the core skills and specific industry knowledge required for service provider network engineers, technicians and designers. It is the first step toward more advanced Cisco service provider focused certifications, such as the CCNP Service Provider and the CCIE Service Provider.
Who is the CCNA Service Provider certification for?
The CCNA SP qualification is for network engineers, technicians and administrators who want to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to deliver scalable, optimized networks delivering a wide array of bespoke services (i.e. voice, video and data) to end customers over a properly installed and maintained IP next-generation network.
Are there any prerequisites to taking the CCNA Service Provider exam?
There are no prerequisites for taking the CCNA SP exams but Cisco suggest that candidates should have between 1-3 years of practical, hands-on networking experience within a service provider environment (although this is not an absolute requirement).
How do I obtain the CCNA Service Provider certification?
In order to earn the CCNA Service Provider certification, candidates must pass two exams:

640-875 SPNGN1 Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 1 (SPNGN1) - 65-75 questions, 90 minutes

640-878 SPNGN2 Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2 (SPNGN2) - 65-75 questions, 90 minutes
What is the passing score for the CCNA Service Provider?
Cisco exams are generally scored on a scale of 300-1000. Typically, the number of questions and the number of scoring points per question differs from exam to exam depending on the difficulty of individual questions.
What if I fail?
If you fail the exam you are required to wait a period of 5 business days before you are eligible to retake the exam. You must also pay the applicable exam fee again for each subsequent exam attempt.
What does the exam cost?
The cost of your exam can differ depending on your location and currency fluctuations, however Cisco offer a brief summary of the cost of their exams on this page. In all instances you should contact your nearest Cisco testing facility to get the current cost of your exam.
What are the CCNA SP recertification requirements?
The CCNA Service Provider certification has a three year validity. After three yeares, candidates must recertify in order to keep their qualification relevant. To recertify, candidates have a number of options available including retaking the current CCNA Service Provider exams or gaining more advanced, relevant, Cisco qualifications. A full list of the recertification options can be found on this page.
Where can I take the CCNA SP exam?
All Cisco exams are proctored by Pearson VUE who have an extensive network of offices worldwide. You should contact your nearest office to find out about exam availability and exam cost well in advance of when you intend to take the exam. You can find more information about them here.
Where can I find study resources for the CCNA Service Provider exam?
You can find many CCNA Service Provider specific study resources (both free and paid) on our CCNA study resources page.