Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice (CCNA Voice) Certification

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What is the CCNA Voice certification?
The Cisco CCNA Voice certification is a specialised job-role certification that validates the intermediate-level knowledge and skills required to administer, engineer and manage a voice network. It confirms skills and knowledge in technologies such as IP telephony, IP PBX, voicemail solutions and call control. Candidates will also be tested on their skills and knowledge of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, the Cisco Call Manager Express (CME) and Cisco Unity Express (CUE) solutions.
Who is the CCNA Voice certification for?
The CCNA Voice certification is aimed at network personnel who are involved in voice networking or voice administrative roles and for general network techicians who want to demonstrate skills and knowledge of Cisco voice solutions, products and architectures.
Are there any prerequisites to taking the CCNA Voice exam?
Yes, candidates must first hold any valid CCENT, CCNA (Routing and Switching) or any CCIE certification.
How do I obtain the CCNA Voice certification?
To earn the CCNA Voice certification candidates must pass just one exam (in addition to the prerequisites mentioned above):

640-461 ICOMM Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Administration

The exam consists of 60-70 questions and the candidate has 90 minutes to complete the exam.
What is the passing score for the CCNA Voice?
Cisco exams are generally scored on a scale of 300-1000. Typically, the number of questions and the number of scoring points per question differs from exam to exam depending on the difficulty of individual questions.
What if I fail?
If you fail the exam you are required to wait a period of 5 business days before you are eligible to retake the exam. You must also pay the applicable exam fee again for each attempt you make at the exam.
What does the exam cost?
Cisco offer a brief summary of the cost of their exams on this page, however it is advised that you contact your nearest Cisco testing facility to get the current cost of your exam.
Where can I take the CCNA Voice exam?
Cisco exams can be taken at any Pearson VUE testing center worldwide. Check with your nearest testing center as to the availability of the CCNA Voice exam dates as well as the current cost. You will need to register and pay the exam fee before taking the exam. You can find more information about Pearson VUE testing centers here.
What are the recertification requirements?
All CCNA certifications are valid for just three years, the CCNA Voice certification being no exception. After this time the candidate must recertify in order to remain CCNA Voice qualified. Fortunately Cisco offer a number of options in order to recertify, including retaking the equivalent CCNA voice exam or taking a higher-level Cisco certification. A full list of the recertification options can be found on this page.
Where can I find study resources for the CCNA Voice exam?
You can find many CCNA Voice specific study resources (both free and paid) on our CCNA study resources page.