Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider Operations (CCNP Service Provider Operations) Certification

  1. CCNP SPO Information

What is the CCNP Service Provider Operations certification?
The Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider Operations (CCNP SP Operations) certification is Cisco's intermediate-level networking credential aimed at validating the skills and knowledge that networking professionals working in a Service Provider environment need to perform job-specific tasks - including troubleshooting network performance problems, implement proactive fault measures using operations management processes, frameworks, and network management systems.
Who is the CCNP SPO certification for?
The CCNP SPO is aimed at networking professionals working in a Service Provider environment who wish to showcase their job-specific skills and knowledge. Typical professionals would include tier-2 and tier-3 network engineers and techncians.
Are there any prerequisites to the the CCNP SPO certification?
Yes, either the CCNA Service Provider Operations or any valid CCIE certification must be obtained before taking the CCNP SPO exams.
How do I earn the CCNP SPO certification?
To earn the CCNP SPO certification candidates are required to pass a total of four exams:

642-770 OFCN - Operational Foundations for Cisco Service Provider Core Networks - 75 minutes (60 - 70 questions)
642-775 MSPRP - Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols - 75 minutes (65 - 75 questions)
642-780 MSPVM - Maintaining Cisco Service Provider VPNs and MPLS Networks - 75 minutes (60 - 70 questions)
642-785 MSPQS - Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Quality of Service - 75 minutes (60 - 70 questions)

Candidates may choose to take the exams in any order, and should expect a mix of multiple-choice, drag and drop and simulation questions.
What is the passing score?
Cisco do not publish exam passing scores, but their exams are typically scored on a scale of 300-1000. As a general indication, candidates should expect to score at least 850 points on this scale in order to pass. The number of questions and the number of scoring points per question differs from exam to exam depending on the difficulty of individual questions.
What if I fail?
Failing an exam means that the candidate must wait at least 5 working days before attempting the same exam again. Payment of the applicable exam fee is also required.
What does the exam cost?
Exact exam fees may vary depending on location, currency exchange rates etc, but a brief outline of the exam costs can be found here.
Where can I take the CCNP SPO exam?
Cisco exams can be taken through any Prometric or Pearson VUE testing centre worldwide. Registration and payment of the exam fee is required before taking the exam. Check with your local testing station for registration requirements, current exam costs, as well as exam availability.
Are there any recertification requirements?
The CCNP SPO is valid for three years, after which time recertification is required if an individual wants to remain CCNP SP certified. There are a variety of ways to recertify - you can read more on those options here.