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What is the Cisco CCT Certification?
The CCT certification (Cisco Certified Technician) is an associate-level (entry-level) proprietary networking credential positioned as the first step along the Cisco certification ladder. There are three separate CCT tracks that a candidate can choose from, depending on the area of expertise you wish to study:
In order to take the CCT Data Center or CCT TelePresence exam, candidates must first pass the CCT Routing and Switching exam. None of the CCT exams are prerequisites to any higher Cisco certification.
Who is the CCT certification for?
The CCT credential is ideally suited to someone who has little or no Cisco or networking experience and is a suitable alternative for the popular CompTIA Network+ credential - especially if someone wants to focus their career toward working with Cisco products. Candidates who successfully pass the Cisco CCT exam will be able to service, repair and hot-swap Cisco products.
Are there any prerequisites required to take the CCT?
There is no prerequisite to take the CCT Routing and Switching exam but, as mentioned previously, the CCT Routing and Switching is a prerequisite to the other two CCT tracks (Data Center or TelePresence).
How do I earn the CCT Certification?
Candidates can earn the Cisco CCT credential by passing just one exam in the track of their choice from three options. The three tracks are:
All of the CCT exams consist mostly of multiple choice questions although there may be other question formats such as simlets, drag and drop, etc. Click on each link to visit the official Cisco exam details page (requires a Cisco account).

What is the passing score for the CCT exam?
Cisco, as a policy, do not make available passing scores of their exams. However, most Cisco exams are scored on a points scale from 300 to 1000 with each question in the exam weighted depending on the format of the question (simulation, multiple-choice etc) and difficulty. The specific weighting of points for any question can vary from exam to exam. Typically, a pass mark for the CCT exams has been around the 800/1000 mark.

What if I fail the exam?
If you fail your CCT exam you must wait at least five days before taking the exam again. This waiting time starts the day after the failed exam. In essence, as most testing facilities only operate 5 days per week, this means you must wait one week before trying again.
Will I have to renew the CCT Certification at some stage?
The CCT certification is valid for three years after which time a candidate must retake the applicable CCT exam or have gained a higher level Cisco certification. More information about the recertification requirements can be found on the official Cisco CCT webpage.

How much do the CCT exams cost?
Prices for Cisco exams will vary depending on your location (sales taxes, exchange rates, etc). To find out the exact price of your exam contact your local testing facility. Generally speaking, most entry-level Cisco exams cost between US$125-$150.

Where can I take the CCT exam?
Cisco exams can be taken at any Pearson VUE testing facility worldwide. Make sure to contact your nearest facility well in advance of when you wish to take your exam and be familiar with their location well before the morning of your exam.