CIW Certifications

  1. CIW Certifications Overview

CIW (previously Certified Internet Webmaster) certification tracks are vendor-neutral certifications for those who wish to accredit themselves with a certification that closely allies itself with particular job roles or skill sets in an Internet-based environment. CIW certifications are pitched toward anyone working in a web-based enviroment, from webmasters and database designers to server administrators and security specialists. Vendor-neutral means that candidates will be tested on the underlying technologies and concepts across a range of vendors, rather than concentrating on any one particular vendor's product.

CIW certifications fall into 4 main categories:
  • CIW Web Foundation Series
  • CIW Web Design Series
  • CIW Web Development Series
  • CIW Web Security Series

CIW Web Foundation Series

The CIW Web Foundation series leads to one over-arching certification title, the CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification, and candidates have two routes to achieve this - via three individual exams, or one all-encompasing exam. Candidates who choose the three-exam route will earn a separate title for each of the three exams passed.

3 exam route:

  • CIW Internet Business Associate Certification - exam 1D0-61A
  • CIW Site Development Associate Certification - exam 1D0-61B
  • CIW Network Technology Associate Certification - exam 1D0-61C
Passing each exam earns the candidate the respective certification title. Passing all three earns the candidate the CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification.

1 exam route:
  • CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification - exam 1D0-610
Passing this exam earns the candidate the certification of the same name.

CIW Web Design Series

This set of certifications is ideal for entry-level as well as more experienced web professionals who are involved in website design, e-commerce, graphic design and even online business management. There are two certifications that can be taken:
  • Exam 1D0-520 CIW Web Design Specialist Certification
  • Exam 1D0-525 CIW E-Commerce Specialist Certification
Candidates can choose to do either certification track or both. Those who successfully pass both tracks will be awarded a further credential:
  • CIW Web Design Professional Certification

CIW Web Development Series

The Web Development series tests a candidates ability to combine a front-end scripting language, a back-end programming language and the skills to integrate them with a database. The exams therefore are intended for those with a solid web background.

There are three individual certifications that a candidate can earn:
  • CIW Javascript Specialist Certification - exam 1D0-635
  • CIW Database Design Specialist Certification - exam 1D0-541
  • CIW Perl Specialist Certification - exam 1D0-437
Each exam is a certification title in its own right. Passing all three exams earns the candidate the additional title:
  • CIW Web Development Professional Certification

CIW Web Security Series

The Web Security Series is aimed at web professionals who configure, manage and deploy e-business solutions servers, as well as implement e-business and network security solutions. There are three levels of credential available:
  • CIW Web Security Associate Certification - exam 1D0-571. This earns the candidate the certification title of the same name.

  • CIW Web Security Specialist Certification - This requires passing exam 1D0-571 plus one other exam from an approved list of third parties.

  • CIW Web Security Professional Certification - This requires passing exam 1D0-571 plus two other exams from an approved list of third parties.

While CIW certifications do not officially expire, the rate at which web technologies develop and evolve means that there is likely to be an unofficial 'market' shelf life. CIW do update and revise their courseware and exams although some certification tracks are more up-to-date than others.

Visit the official CIW certifications homepage for the latest in their certification offerings.