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What is the CompTIA Linux+ Certification?
The CompTIA Linux+ certification is a foundation-level credential designed to acknowledge a candidate's generic Linux knowledge. The certification is pitched toward candidates who ideally have approx. 6 to 12 months of hands-on Linux experience, although this is not essential.

CompTIA's Linux+ certification is officially titled 'CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI'. Due to the partnering of CompTIA and the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) in 2010, CompTIA now use the same two exams from the LPI's LPIC-1 certification track as the entirety of the Linux+.

What this means for Linux+ exam takers is that candidates successfully passing the two Linux+ exams also earn the LPIC-1 credential (upon application to LPI). This dual certification only works if candidates complete the CompTIA Linux+ first (i.e. LPIC-1 certification holders will not be awarded the Linux+).
Are there any prerequisites required to take the Linux+?
No, although CompTIA recommend at least 12 months of Linux administration experience.
How do I earn the Linux+ Certification?
To earn the Linux+ certification, candidates need to pass two exams:

LX0-103 (covers system architecture, installation, commands and file systems)
LX0-104 (covers shells, scripting, UI, administration, services and networking)
Each exam consists of 60 questions and a time allocation of up to 90 minutes. The questions are presented in multiple-choice (single and multiple responses) as well as fill-in-the-blank type questions. The exam format is linear, meaning the Linux+ test is non-adaptive and there are no simulation-type questions.A full list of the current exam objectives can be downloaded from the CompTIA website.

Candidates must pass the LX0-103 before they can attempt the LX0-104 exam.
What are the passing scores for the Linux+ exams?
Each exam has a score range between 200 and 800 with a passing score of 500. Depending on the overall difficulty of the specific exam, the number of correct questions needed to score 500 or more will vary.
Will I have to renew the Linux+ Certification at some stage?
The Linux+ certification is not currently part of CompTIA's Continuing Education program, so Linux+ holders are deemed certified for life.
How much do the Linux+ exams cost?
The exams cost US$194 each (US$388 for the complete cost of the exams) but depending on your location and current currency fluctuations this price might differ slightly from region to region. Check with your local testing centre for the exact pricing.
Where to take the Linux+ exams
Linux+ exams can be taken at any Pearson VUE testing station.
CompTIA exam retake policy
If you fail on your first attempt you can take the failed exam again immediately (upon payment of the exam fee) but if you fail for a second time (or subsequent times after that) then you are required to wait at least 14 days before you are eligible to try again.