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ECDL Module 1 - Concepts of Information Technology

This module leads to a theory-based exam, and covers the general concepts of Information Technology such as hardware, software, networks, security, and health issues, amongst others.

Because ‘Information Technology’ as a subject is both wide and deep in its scope, in-depth knowledge of any particular subject area is not required. The candidate however should have a general understanding of the basic all-round concepts of computers and everyday software commonly in use, as well as some of the main security issues, health issues and legal issues pertaining to Information Technology. For anyone who uses computers on a regular basis, many of the questions in the exam will be pretty straightforward, but for people new to computers the training for this module should offer a good introduction to the world of computing.

ECDL Module 1 - General Information


Free ECDL Module 1 Study Guides

Module 1 Study Guide -  Easy to follow notes for Module 1, Basic Concepts
Training Manual for Module 1 -  Covers all the material for the Module 1 exam
Module 1 Training Guide -  Nice, easy to follow guide for ECDL Module 1, in pdf format -  Guide to understanding computers
Demo tutorials -  Module 1 related demo tutorials to try out
Module 1 Study Guide -  Sample chapter - Sybex ECDL Study Guide. Use of I.T. in Everyday Life.

Free ECDL Module 1 Practice Questions

Two Practice Tests -  Over 70 practice questions and answers in Pdf format
Sample Test from ECDL org. -  Sample test for the ECDL exams
Module 1 practice questions -  160 free practice questions for Module 1
Module 1 practice test -  Some sample questions for the Module 1 exam
ECDL Module 1 Questions -  50 questions for the Module 1. Some pop-ups. No answers, but score given.
ECDL Module 1 Quiz -  30 questions with answers.

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