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ECDL Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files

The ECDL Module 2 exam requires the candidate to have a firm understanding of the computer’s operating system and the basic functions of the computer itself. Tasks such as navigating around the desktop environment and file directories will be tested, as well as a candidate’s ability to manage and organise files and directories on the computer (creating, copying, moving and deleting files and directories). Additionally, candidates must be able to deal with applications that are not responding, as well as being able to use the computer’s help features. Other tasks such as print management, running anti-virus software and the ability to customise and manipulate windows will also be covered.

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Free ECDL Module 2 Study Guides

Module 2 Study Notes -  Study guide for Module 2, Managing Files
Module 2 manual -  Training material for the ECDL Module 2 -  Using the computer and managing files study guide
Module 2 Study Guide -  Sample chapter, with practice questions from ICDL Exam Cram book.

Free ECDL Module 2 Practice Questions

Two Practice Exams -  A number of Module 2 practice questions to try
Sample Test from ECDL org. -  Sample test for the ECDL exams
Sample Test from ECDL org. -  Sample test for the ECDL exams
Practice test -  30 question test on Module 2 topics

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