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ECDL Module 5 - Using Databases

The ECDL Module 5 exam covers the basics of typical desktop database applications such as Microsoft Access (candidates are not limited to using only Microsoft products, but Access is the most widely used). While in-depth knowledge of database structure and construction is not required to successfully pass the ECDL database exam, candidates should be competent enough to create a simple database, create and modify tables and queries, as well as being able to produce basic forms and reports. Knowledge on how to relate tables together and query the data in the database is essential, as well as being able to sort the results using the tools available in the database application.

ECDL Module 5 - General Information


Free ECDL Module 5 Study Guides

ECDL Databases Training Manual -  Study Guide for ECDL Module 5, in pdf format -  Study guide for Module 5 - Using databases
Databases guide -  Some demo tutorials for using Access (database)
Database tutorial -  pdf tutorial for Module 5. Older version, but useful

Free ECDL Module 5 Practice Questions

Module 5 Practice Questions -  50 or so ECDL database questions to try
Module 5 exam -  30 question practice test

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