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ECDL Module 7 - Web Browsing and Communication

The ECDL Module 7 exam tests a candidates knowledge across two spheres; using (and having an understanding of) the Internet, and secondly, using a typical e-mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express).

The ‘Information’ portion of the exam tests a candidates knowledge of the terms and concepts of the Internet itself, including basic security topics and concerns, as well as their ability to effectively use the Internet by way of using search tools, bookmarking websites, using online forms, and being able to print individual web pages.

The ‘Communication’ portion of the exam deals with a candidates knowledge of electronic mail concepts including security aspects. The candidate should also feel comfortable being able to use adequately an e-mail application, like Microsoft Outlook, to send and receive e-mail messages, attach messages, and be able to sort, archive and retrieve messages using the application’s tools.

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