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Below you'll find links to a number of quality video courses to help you study for the MOS Excel exam. The courses, by various authors, are hosted on the Udemy platform which facilitates the courses being viewed on any device. Most of the courses have free preview content.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Course - Beginners/Intermediate Training
This course explains Microsoft Excel 2010 starting with the absolute basics of creating your very first worksheet. The trainer slowly works you up through learning the various capabilities of Excel and covers most of the topics you're likely to find in the MOS exam. View tutorials... icon

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013

An introductory Microsoft Excel 2013 course. You'll learn the basics of using Excel 2013 and cover topics such as navigating the Excel 2013 interface, including the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar as well as other fundamental topics such as how enter data into a Excel spreadsheet, using Flash Fill and working with worksheets. View tutorials... icon

Microsoft Excel Beginner and Intermediate

This is a beginner and intermediate Microsoft Excel training class that requires no prior knowledge of Excel. The training provided in this class covers Mac and PC. Ideal for MOS students who use a Mac and just as applicable to students who use a PC. View tutorials... icon

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010

In this 7-hour Microsoft Excel 2010 Beginners course, you’ll go from being an absolute Excel novice to being comfortable with every aspect of the layout and basic functionality of Microsoft Excel 2010. Great preparation for the MOS Excel 2010 exam. View tutorials... icon

Fast Track to Microsoft Excel Beginner + Advanced Training

This is a full course for Microsoft Excel 2007 / 2010, and includes a Fast Track to Excel home study course, Beginner Excel Training and Advanced Excel Training. Especially useful for candidates contemplating the MOS Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 tracks. View tutorials... icon

Microsoft Excel 2013 Intro and Intermediate Training

This course provides essential knowledge for new or inexperienced Microsoft Excel 2013 users and covers most of the fundamental skills and knowledge required for the MOS Excel 2013 exam. View tutorials... icon

You can find the full list of free and paid Excel courses on the Udemy platform here. icon