Certification Information and study resources

Whether you're trying to get a foot on a particular career ladder or wanting to enhance your qualifications and your career prospects, gaining a professional certification can certainly put you on the right track. But getting certified doesn't come cheap - neither in time nor money - and that's where we aim to help.

Whether it's a popular I.T. certification like Cisco's CCNA, CompTIA's A+, or Microsoft's MCSE, or whether it's a business certification like the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, we'll bring you the information and resources that will jump-start your certification goal.

We provide certification information roundups, links to free study resources, practice questions (non-braindump), whitepapers and much more. We'll also bring you the latest news from the world of certification, careers and business to help you keep abreast of what's happening in your chosen field.

Certification cannot replace on-the-job experience, but it can augment it - and in today's competative job marketplace, every little advantage counts. So if you're thinking of getting certified, save time and money and start your certification journey with us.