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What is the LPIC-3 Certification?
The LPIC-3 certification track is the pinnacle Linux credential offered by the LPI and is aimed at experienced Linux professionals. The credential is touted as the highest distribution-neutral Linux certification within the industry.

Are there any prerequisites required to take the LPIC-3?
As the upper-level of a three-tiered certification program, candidates who wish to earn the LPIC-3 certification must first obtain both the LPIC-1 and the LPIC-2 certifications (although the exams for all three certification tracks can be taken in any order).

How do I earn the LPIC-3 Certification?
Candidates can choose to earn the 'core' LPIC-3 credential by passing just one exam or they can elect to supplement that credential by passing an additional specialisation exam:

Core exam: Elective exams (optional only):
Will I have to renew the LPIC-3 Certification at some stage?
In order to maintain an 'active' status in the LPI database, candidates must recertify within 5 years of passing their exam. Recertification is only required for the candidate's highest earned LPIC credential (a LPIC-3 holder needs only to recertify on the current exam(s) for LPIC-3 to maintain 'active' status for their LPIC-1,2 & 3 credentials respectively). Candidates who allow their LPIC-3 certification status to lapse (inactive) but wish to reactivate their credential at a later time will be required to retake all of the lower-level exams as well as those required exams for the LPIC-3.

How much do the LPIC-3 exams cost?
The cost for the LPI 301 exam is US$260, which is somewhat more expensive than the other LPI certification exams. Non-U.S. candidates should be aware that there may be price adjustments due to currency fluctuations and other local factors.

Where to take the LPIC-3 exams?
All LPIC exams are proctored through Pearson VUE testing centres. Candidates are required by the LPI to register (for free) for an LPI ID number before booking their exam with Pearson.

LPI exam retake policy
Candidates must wait at least 7 days before retaking the exam if they fail on their first attempt. Subsequent failures will require a stand-down period of 90 days. For all attempts, candidates must pay the applicable exam fee.