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General MCDST Information Q and A chat session about the MCDST Dated 70-271 exam review And one for the 70-272 exam

Free MCDST Study Guides free Microsoft MCDST learning clinic (requires registration) A number of XP demo training modules  - 30+ MCDST video tutorials Sample chapter from the Exam Cram book for 70-271 Sample chapter for 70-272 - Video of advanced installation topics  - Sample Chapter, Installing a Windows OS, pdf   - MCDST study book, sample pages - Book samples, click the 'limited previews' MCDST study guide - free registration required Study notes for the 270 exam, but some MCDST overlaps A few simple XP training modules A very good set of XP admin tutorials Sample Chapter from XP in a Nutshell - Networking another sample chapter on XP applications and tools Clean site with lots of XP related tutorials
Free Computer Magazine Subscriptions - lots of I.T. related magazines for free

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Free MCDST Practice questions - Some 70-271 practice questions  - Book sample chapter, demo questions MCDST practice questions Practice tests for the 271 and 272, click 'free demos' top right Small handful of 271 practice questions Free practice questions for both the 70-271 and 70-272 exams - Some sample questions for the 70-271 & 70-272, pdf

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MCDST Discussion forums

Microsoft's own XP discussion group
microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcdst MCDST discussion group MCDST discussion More discussion
Some MCDST discussion here

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