Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is an entry-level certification offered by Microsoft aimed at those with little to no previous I.T. experience to gain a fundamental and core knowledge of specific Microsoft technologies. It is available exclusively through educational facilities.

Each MTA certification covers related foundational skills and is intended to help people take the first step toward an I.T. career or to assist those with no I.T. experience who work in an I.T. environment or with I.T. staff (for example, project managers, sales staff etc.).

Candidates gaining the MTA credential will be able to demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of specific key Microsoft technologies, such as in security, networking, software fundamentals etc. Additionally, the process of gaining the MTA certification can help prepare a candidate for higher-level Microsoft certifications by providing a good idea of what to expect with regards to the exam format, the preparation required, studying etc.

An MTA certification is intended as a stepping stone to higher-level Associate or Expert Microsoft certifications for those without the necessary background.

At the time of writing there are 12 MTA certification exams in three categories – Infrastructure, Database and Development.

Infrastructure Exams
  • Exam 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-366: Networking Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-367: Security Fundamentals

Database Exam
  • Exam 98-364: Database Fundamentals

Development Exams
  • Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-362: Windows Development Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-363: Web Development Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-372: .NET Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-373: Mobile Development Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-374: Gaming Development Fundamentals

  • Exam 98-375: HTML5 App Development Fundamentals

Click here to visit the official Microsoft MTA certification webpage for more information.