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What is the CompTIA Network+ Certification?
The Network+ (2015) Certification from CompTIA is a vendor-neutral certification that is aimed at network technicians with roughly one to two years work experience. The Network+ certification is an entry-level certification that tests a candidate's ability to understand the functions and features of networking components, as well as their ability to carry out essential network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting duties (candidates with a bit more networking experience than 'entry-level' however might be better served with Cisco's CCENT certification). Reportedly over 340,000 individuals have gained the Network+ certification since its inception in 1999.
Who is the Network+ Certification for?
The Network+ certification is a handy stepping-stone to more advanced networking certifications, such as those offered by Cisco, and is a good foundation for anyone aspiring to work in a network-related field. If you're relatively new to the world of networking then the Network+ is definitely worth obtaining and will help 'pad out' your C.V. However, if you've already gained a foundation-level knowledge of networking perhaps a more advanced, 'entry-level' certification like CCENT might be more suitable and valuable.
Are there any prerequisites required to take the Network+?
No, but CompTIA do recommend that candidates have at least 9 months networking experience and have already gained their A+ certification. None of this is required however.
How do I earn the Network+ Certification?
To gain this certification you need to pass just one exam (designated N10-006) which consists of a maximum of 90 questions with 90 minutes to complete them. The questions are a mix of multiple-choice, drag and drop and performance-based problems. The full list of exam objectives can be found at the official CompTIA website, here. The exam is available in English, German and Japanese.
What are the passing scores for the Network+ exams ?
To pass the Network+ exam candidates need to achieve a score of a least 720 points on a scale of 100-900. Points are awarded differently for each question depending on the level of difficulty.

During the exam you may be presented with 'unscored questions'. These are questions that may or may not correspond to the official list of exam objectives and, regardless of whether you correctly answer them or not, they will not affect your time or score. CompTIA includes these questions as a way of testing future exam content and relevance. You will be advised prior to starting the exam as to whether you can expect such questions in the exam proper.
How much do the Network+ exams cost?
You can expect to pay around US$285 for the Network+ exam but prices will vary depending on location and currency fluctuations. Check with your local Network+ testing center for the exact exam cost.
How long is the Network+ valid for?
Previously, the Network+ certification was a lifetime award but, from 1st January 2011, CompTIA introduced a three-year shelf life for their flagship exams - including the Network+ certification. What this means is that candidates who earn the Network+ credential must renew their certification after 3 years if they wish their certification to remain valid. CompTIA offer a couple of ways to achieve this renewal; either by passing the current version of the Network+ exam (and paying the appropriate exam fee), or by participating in CompTIA's continuing education program. More details can be found here.
Where to take the Network+ exams
The Network+ N10-006 exam can be taken at any Pearson VUE or Thompson Prometric testing facility. Keep in mind that there are discount vouchers available for the exam that not only reduce the cost of the exam but may also include free training material (read more about Network+ exam vouchers). Discount vouchers can be bought directly from CompTIA, or from a third-party supplier.
CompTIA exam retake policy
Once you finish your exam your score is calculated and you'll be given a pass or fail mark immediately. If you fail your first attempt at the Network+ exam you can try again immediately (upon payment of the exam fee), but if you fail for a second time then you are required to wait at least 14 days before you are eligible to try again.