Novell Certified Linux Administrator (Novell CLA) Certification

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The Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification is designed for entry level Linux System Administrators to prove their knowledge of the daily administration of a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server network. It is the first certification on the Novell Linux Certification track and is a prerequisite to the more advanced Novell CLE certification.

In early 2010, Novell, CompTIA and the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) reached an agreement to harmonize their Linux exams based on the LPI standard. This means that candidates can essentially earn 3 Linux certifications (Novell's CLA, LPI's LPIC-1, and CompTIA's Linux+ Powered by LPI) by taking just two exams.

To achieve this, candidates must start with, and pass, CompTIA's Linux+ Powered by LPI exams. There's an option on the exam where candidates can allow their records to be sent to the Linux Professional Institue. By choosing this option the candidate can then apply for, and be awarded, the LPI's LPIC-1 credential. Once those two are in hand the candidate can apply for, and be awarded, Novell's CLA. The three-for-one offer only works in that direction, i.e. CompTIA first, then LPI, then Novell.

If the candidate begins with the LPI organisation's LPIC-1 exams and successfully passes them, they can only apply to Novell for the CLA credential (they cannot earn the CompTIA Linux+).

So, in order to earn the Novell CLA qualification, candidates must successfully pass either the LPI's LPIC-1, or CompTIA's Linux+ Powered by LPI.

From either route candidates can choose to pursue higher Novell credentials.

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