Novell Certified Linux Desktop Administrator (Novell CLDA) Certification

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What is the Novell CLDA Certification?
The Novell Certified Linux Desktop Administrator (CDLA) certification is a stand alone entry level certification designed for Linux professionals and Windows Administrators to demonstrate their ability to install, configure and manage a Linux desktop environment using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Although it is a Novell Linux Certification, it is a stand-alone certification and is not a part of the Novell Linux Certification path (which includes the CLA and CLE tracks).

CLDA Exam details and overview
Although not required, Novell recommends that candidates first take the 5 day SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Administration course either in the classroom or through self study.

To earn the CLDA credential, candidates are required to pass one exam:
  • 050-708 SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration
The exam is a form-based exam consisting of 66 questions. The exam lasts 70 minutes and candidates must get at least 536 points to pass the exam. Test topics for the CLDA include:

  • an overview of the Linux Desktop
  • using the GNOME Desktop Environment
  • understanding YaST basics
  • the BASH shell
and so on. For an up-to-date list of all the CLDA test objectives, visit the Novell Website.
How much does the Novell CLDA certification cost?
The cost to sit for the exam is US$125 although time to time Novell does offer discounts on the price of the exam - check Novell's website or contact them directly before you pay for your exam. The price may vary due to currency fluctuations depending on the country the candidate takes the exam.

Where to take the CLDA exam
The tests are administered by Pearson VUE testing centers which have locations worldwide but check with your local center to ensure exam availability and the current cost.

CLDA exam retake policy
There is no waiting period required before taking the CLDA exam a second time if a candidate fails the first exam. If a candidate fails the second exam, they must wait a period of 30 days before their third and any subsequent attempts to pass the same exam. If a candidate passes an exam they must wait a minimum of twelve months before retaking the same exam.

About Novell's Continuing Certification Registration (CCR) requirement
The Novell certifications have no date of expiration. However, the applicant signs an agreement before taking the CLDA exam which states that they will take Continuing Certification Registration (CCR) exams that are periodically required by Novell. Once the candidate has received their CLDA certification, it is their responsibility to keep up to date with what CCR's are required. If they do not complete the CCR's, their CLDA certification can be revoked and the candidate may no longer claim to be Novell certified.