Novell Certified Linux Engineer (Novell CLE) 11 Certification

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What is the Novell CLE Certification?
The Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) certification is the third and final certification in Novell's Linux Certification Path. To successfully pass the exam candidates must be able to demonstrate "engineer-level" knowledge of the Linux operating system including Network Services and Security as the Certified Linux Engineer exam will rigorously test the candidate's skill sets in both Linux and Novell systems.

Who is the Novell CLE for?
As a high-end certification, the Novell CLE is intended for experienced Linux engineers, managers or architects who wish to demonstrate an enterprise network proficiency based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. The CLE is the pinnacle of Novell's three-tiered Novell Linux certification track.

What are the prerequisites ?
Candidates must hold both the Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) and the Certified Linux Professional (CLP) certifications before applying to take the CLE.

Exam details and overview
There are currently two valid certification tracks for the CLE - version 10 and version 11. Candidates can, if they wish, opt for a CLE credential in either version but holders of the CLP 10 can opt to take the CLE 11 without the need to update their CLP to version 11.

The CLE 11 credential requires passing one exam:

  • Novell Practicum: 050-723 Novell CLE 11

The exam is a 150 minute pass/fail practical exam ('Practicum' in Novell-speak). The Practicum is a rigorous hands-on, non-written exam which presents test items as real world scenarios which are designed to test the candidate's experience level. A scenario will comprise numerous objectives which the candidate is expected to be able to complete in a live (virtual) environment. The CLE covers topics such as:
  • Configuring a mail server
  • monitoring network traffic
  • cryptography
  • general firewall design
  • etc.
The complete list of test topics can be found on the Novell website.

How much does the Novell CLE certification cost?
The cost to take the exam is typically around US$195 although, for non-US residents, the cost may vary depending on location and currency fluctuations. Periodically, Novell will offer discounts on price of the exam (keep an eye on the official site) and there are discount vouchers available for some Novell exams from independant third-party suppliers.

Where to take the CLE exam
The tests are administered by Pearson VUE testing centers which have locations worldwide but check with your local center to ensure exam availability and the current cost.

CLE exam retake policy
There is no waiting period required before taking the CLE exam a second time if the candidate fails the first exam. If the candidate fails the second exam, they must wait a period of 30 days before their third and any subsequent attempts to pass the same exam. If a candidate passes an exam they must wait a minimum of twelve months before retaking the same exam.

About Novell's Continuing Certification Registration (CCR) requirement
Novell certifications have no date of expiration, however the applicant signs an agreement before taking the CLE exam which states that they will take any Continuing Certification Registration (CCR) exams that are periodically required by Novell. Once the candidate has received their CLE certification, it is their responsibility to keep up-to-date with what CCRs are required. If the candidate does not complete the CCRs, their CLE certification may be revoked and the candidate may no longer claim to be Novell certified.