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What is the Novell CLP Certification?
The Certified Linux Professional (CLP) certification is the second tier in Novell's Linux Certification track aimed at candidates who wish to demonstrate their skills in advanced Linux administration. Candidates must first hold the Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification before applying for the CLP exam, which itself is a prerequisite for the higher-level CLE credential.

Who is the Novell CLP for?
The CLP is aimed at candidates wanting to demonstrate knowledge of, and expertise in, advanced administrative skills on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (at the time of writing either version 10 or 11).

What are the prerequisites?
Candidates wishing to take the CLP exam must first gain the Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) credential. There are a number of ways to earn that title which you can read more about here.

Exam details and overview
Novell will offer two versions of the CLP exam, each one tied to the respective current version of SUSE Linux - currently versions 10 & 11. To earn the CLP credential, the candidate must pass one of the following exams:

Click the respective links above for the complete list of exam objectives.

The respective exams are 180-minutes for the CLP 10 and 150 minutes for the CLP 11. Both are practicum tests meaning candidates will be given a number of practical, hands-on tasks to complete in order to pass the exam. There are no written questions.

How much does the Novell CLP certification cost?
The cost of the CLP is typically US$195, although this may vary depending on the country of the candidate. From time to time, Novell offer discounts on price of the exam so it's always worth sending an e-mail to them directly to enquire if there might be any upcoming promotional offers. There are also third-party, independent, suppliers that offer CLP exam vouchers bundled with CLP training material.

Where to take the CLP exam
The CLP exam is administered by Pearson VUE testing centers (click here for more information). While Pearson VUE have locations worldwide, not all centers provide for the CLP exam so make sure to enquire with your local center about cost and exam availability well before you intend to take the exam.

CLP exam retake policy
Should a candidate fail the exam on their first attempt they may try again at their own convenience - there is no waiting period required. If the candidate fails on the second attempt then they must wait a period of 30 days before their third and any subsequent attempts. Payment of the applicable exam fee is required for each and every attempt.

About Novell's Continuing Certification Registration (CCR) requirement
Novell certifications have no date of expiration but they are subject to Novell's Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR). This means that Novell can require the candidate to take an exam from time to time to keep their skills current. Failure to do so may invalidate the candidate's CLP credential and the candidate may no longer claim to be Novell certified. It is up to each CLP holder to ensure that they are aware of any CCR requirements that Novell issue.