Novell Certified Administrator Enterprise Services (NCA ES) Certification

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What is the Novell NCA Certification?
The Novell Certified Administrator Enterprise Services (NCA ES) certification is designed for network management professionals who have very little experience (or even none at all) with the Novell product line. This certification focuses on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux and is the first step toward higher level certifications such as the NCE (Novell Certified Engineer).

Exam details and overview
To earn the NCA ES qualification, candidates must pass one exam:
which is a form-based exam consisting of 63 questions and 70 minutes in which to complete them. To pass, candidates need to obtain a score of 536 points or higher.

The NCA ES exam covers topics such as:
  • Installing and configuring Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Iinstalling the Novell client
  • Managing login scripts
  • etc.
Candidates should ensure that they obtain the latest exam objectives from the Novell website before studying.

How much does the Novell NCA certification cost?
The cost for the NCA ES exam is US$125 however for those outside the U.S. prices may vary.

Novell may run promotions from time to time offering discounts on the exam fees, so it's worth checking with them prior to booking your exam.

Where to take the NCA exam
Novell exams are administered through Pearson VUE testing centers which have locations worldwide.

NCA exam retake policy
Candidates are not required to observe a mandatory waiting period for their second attempt if they fail on their first try to pass the NCA ES exam, however they must wait a period of at least 30 days before their third and any subsequent attempts thereafter. If a candidate passes an exam they must wait a minimum of twelve months before retaking the same exam.

About Novell's Continuing Certification Registration (CCR) requirement
All Novell certifications require that the candidate signs an agreement before taking their exam which states that they agree to take any Continuing Certification Registration (CCR) exams that are periodically required by Novell in order to remain certified. Once NCA ES qualified, the onus is on the candidate to keep up-to-date with what CCRs are required. If the candidate does not complete the CCRs, their NCA ES certification may be revoked and the candidate may no longer claim to be Novell certified.