Prince2 Certification

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Foundation Exam

The Foundation examination is a multiple choice examination consisting of 75 questions. Five of the 75 questions are trial questions and are not counted in the score. Candidates must correctly answer 35 of the 70 scored questions to pass the examination.

Practitioner Exam

The Practitioner Examination has an objective testing format consisting of nine questions. Candidates can use their PRINCE2 manual to assist in answering the examination questions. Each question has 12 question items each worth 1 point. There is a total of 108 points available for the examination and the candidate is given 2.5 hours to complete the exam. The candidate must obtain a score of 59 out of 108 points to pass.

Candidates must take the Foundation examination before being eligible to take the Practitioner examination. The Practitioner examination can be taken on the same day or the same week as the Foundation exam, or the candidate can take the Practitioner examination months or even years after the Foundation examination.

Length of Validity

PRINCE2 Practitioners must be re-registered within 5 years of obtaining the original certificate. The re-registration examination is a one hour examination. Registered Practitioners that have received the credentials after October, 2000 have agreed to this requirement. Practitioners that have received their credentials before October, 2000 are not required to take the re-registration examination, but it is recommended that they do so in order to demonstrate their commitment to professional development.

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