CompTIA Project+ Certification (PK0-003)

  1. Project+ Information

What is the CompTIA Project+ Certification?
The CompTIA Project+ certification certifies that a candidate posseses the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully manage projects, on time and within budget. The scope of the exam ensures that candidates can demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills across the entire project management life cycle - from inception and planning through to completion. Candidates taking the Project+ exam will also be tested on their technical, interpersonal and business project management skills.
Who is the Project+ Certification for?
The Project+ certification is for anyone who is tasked with, or who wants to be involved with, the inception and execution of business projects. Typical job roles would include Project Manager, Team Leaders involved in project development and Business Analysts. The Project+ certification would also be a handy additional credential for those wanting to start on a management career path.
Are there any prerequisites required to take the Project+?
There are no prerequisites to taking the Project+ exam. Furthermore, candidates are not required to earn any 'continuing education' points or embark upon additional training in order to keep their Project+ qualification current. CompTIA do recommend though that candidates have at least one year of hands-on practical experience in managing or participating in small to medium sized projects (but this is a recommendation only).
How do I earn the Project+ Certification?
To earn the Project+ certification credential a candidate needs to pass one exam, designated PK0-003. The exam consists of 100 questions with a time frame of 90 minutes to complete them. CompTIA currently have a Beta Project+ certification exam - designated PK1-004 - which will undoubtedly replace the PK0-003 at some point in the near future (likely 2017).
What are the passing scores for the Project+ exams?
Project+ candidates need to achieve a score of at least 710 from a scoring scale of 100 - 900 in order to pass.
How long is the Project+ credential valid for?
Unlike some of CompTIA's certifications, the Project+ certification is not subject to the 'Continual Education' conditions and is therefore considered 'good for life' (GFL).
How much do the Project+ exams cost?
Prices for the Project+ exam will vary depending on currency fluctuations and your physical location, but in most cases you can expect to pay around US$285 fo the exam. If you fail an exam you will need to pay the fee again to retake it. The beta exam is on offer for the first 400 people to take it at a cost of US$50. See here for details (note: the PK1-004 beta exam is 120 questions and 135 minutes).
Where to take the Project+ exams
The Project+ exam can be taken at any Pearson VUE testing center. Before paying for the exam, candidates would be wise to check the official CompTIA website (and third-party suppliers) for any promotional offers or discount exam vouchers.