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Red Hat Certificates of Expertise (previously called Endorsement Exams) are essentially individual ‘bolt-on’ credentials for those who already hold a current version of the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). The Certificates of Expertise offer candidates the opportunity to enhance their RHCE credential and further specialize in a particular Red Hat area of interest.

Some of the more popular Certificates of Expertise on offer are:
  • EX333 - Network Services Security
  • EX401 - Deployment and Systems Management
  • EX423 - Directory Services and Authentication
  • EX429 - SELinux Policy Administration
  • EX436 - Clustering and Storage Management
  • EX442 - Performance Tuning
Red Hat are adding more Certificates of Expertise all the time, so visit the official Red Hat certification list for a full list of what's on offer.

RHCE holders can choose to do as many Certificates of Expertise as they wish, in any order, with each being a separate, stand-alone credential to complement their RHCE.

The individual exams vary in length depending on which track is taken (with a typical exam taking 4 hours or more) and, like other Red Hat exams, the Certificates of Expertise are performance-based meaning candidates are tested in a ‘real world’ simulated environment. There are no multiple-choice questions in any of the exams.

Exam results are e-mailed to candidates within three weeks from the exam date.

The cost of each exam is, at the time of writing, US$600, and the exams can be taken at any authorized Red Hat testing facility. These are scattered around the world and only hold exams on specific dates, so check on the official Red Hat site for a location near you.

Passing individual Certificates of Expertise counts towards obtaining other Red Hat certifications – specifically the RHCA, RHCSS and the RHCDS - as well as extending the life of a candidate's RHCE (in other words, passing a CoE will mean that the expiry date of that candidate's RHCE is extended for another three years).