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What is the RHCA Certification?
The RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect) certification is Red Hat's pinnacle credential, aimed at senior Linux system administrators IT professionals whose focus is system administration and related functions in a demanding enterprise environment.

Are there any prerequisites required to take the RHCA?
The RHCA may only be taken by those with a current RHCE credential (which, in turn, requires the RHCSA).

How do I earn the RHCA Certification?
To earn the RCHA certification, candidates must pass 4 core exams and 1 elective exam (5 exams in total):

Core exams - must complete all 4:
  • EX333 - Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services Expertise Exam (6 hour exam)
  • EX401 - Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management Expertise Exam (4 hour exam)
  • EX436 - Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management Expertise Exam (4 hour exam)
  • EX442 - Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning Expertise Exam (4 hour exam)

Elective exams (need to pass just one):
  • EX318 - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Exam (3 hour exam)
  • EX423 - Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication Expertise Exam (4 hour exam)
As with all other Red Hat exams, the candidates are tested in a 'real world' lab environment and the combined exam time of all 5 exams totals 21-22 hours depending on the elective exam chosen.

There is a large degree of 'cross-over' with the exams required for the RHCA and with other certifications offered by Red Hat, namely the RHCDS and the RHCSS. Candidates aiming for the RHCA might want to consider taking the exams in an order that helps to achieve these other credentials first. Irrespective, a candidate can elect to take the exams in any order they see fit with EX401 recommended by Red Hat as a good starting point.

Results are not given at the conclusion of each exam, but rather candidates will be e-mailed their results. This normally happens within 10 US business days.

Unsuccessful candidates may retake the exam as many times as they wish but will need to pay the applicable exam fee again.

How much do the RHCA exams cost?
The RHCA exams cost, at the time of writing, US$600 each (not including travel expenses to testing locations).

Where to take the RHCA exams
Because the RHCA is lab-based, exams can only be taken at authorized Red Hat facilities (consult the Red Hat website for information on facilities in your area) and only during specific times.