Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) Certification

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What is the RHCSS Certification?
The RHCSS (Red Hat Certified Security Specialist) is Red Hat’s stand alone Linux security certification and is open to holders of a current RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer).

Who is the RHCSS certification for?
According to Red Hat, the RHCSS is aimed at “IT professionals whose job roles involve securing Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems and other parts of an organization's IT infrastructure”. The qualification demonstrates sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out tasks in the enterprise such as configuration of a Kerberos realm, use of cryptographic tools to secure network services, implementing custom SELinux policies and more.

Are there any prerequisites required to take the RHCSS?
Candidates must first hold a current RHCE qualification. To do that, they must first earn the RHCSA qualification.

How do I earn the RHCSS Certification?
To earn the RHCSS credential, candidates must pass three exams:
  • EX333 - Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services (6 hour exam)
  • EX423 - Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication (4 hour exam)
  • EX429 - SELinux Policy Administration (4 hour exam)
While successfully completing all three exams earns the RHCSS certification, each of the exams are a standalone credential in their own right so by themselves can be used to show proficiency in their respective areas of Linux security.

The RHCSS exams are all PBT’s (performance based tests) which means candidates are tested on a ‘live’ system. There are no multiple-choice, fill in the blank or drag-and-drop questions. Candidates can choose which order they wish to tackle the respective exams and results are sent out by e-mail up to 10 days after completing each exam. Unsuccessful candidates can take the test again as many times as needed (the exam fee is payable each time however).

Will I have to renew the RHCSS Certification at some stage?
The RHCSS is made up of three individual ‘Certificates of Expertise’ plus the prerequisite RHCE. Thus, the lifespan of a RHCSS is tied to the lifespan of the candidate’s RHCE - but passing each 'Certificate of Expertise' extends the lifespan of the candidate's original RHCE for another three years from the time the certificate was earned. For more information, visit the RH recertification page.

How much do the RHCSS exams cost?
At the time of writing, each exam costs US$600.

Where to take the RHCSS exams?
RHCSS exams, being performance based, can only be booked through authorized Red Hat facilities. Check for your nearest location on the official Red Hat website.