Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Certification

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What is the RHCE Certification?
The RHCE certification (Red Hat Certified Engineer) is Red Hat’s most widely known, and widely respected, advanced Linux qualification. The hands-on nature of the exam coupled with its perceived difficulty has gone a long way to making the RHCE credential something worth having and something employers are increasingly aware of.

Who is the RHCE certification for?
The RHCE is aimed at experienced or senior Linux system administrators who will have the ability to perform actions such as using shell scripts to automate tasks, configure static routes, packet filtering and NAT, configuring networking services such as HTTP and FTP, and much more.

Are there any prerequisites required to take the RHCE?
In order to earn the RHCE, candidates must first gain the RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator). Candidates can choose to take the RHCE exam first, but the credential won't be awarded until the candidate subsequently passes the RHCSA.

How do I earn the RHCE Certification?
In order to gain the RHCE certification candidates must successfully pass a 2 hour, hands-on performance-based exam:
Candidates will be e-mailed their results within three US business days along with a digital certificate if successful.

Will I have to renew the RHCE Certification at some stage?
The RHCE qualification is considered valid for three years from the date the qualification was earned. Recertification is required from that point however RHCE's can extend the life of their credential by passing 'Certificates of Expertise'. Full recertification options can be found here .

How much do the RHCE exams cost?
The cost of the exam alone, as at the time of writing, is US$400 but there could be additional costs incurred due to travel requirements.

Where to take the RHCE exams
Because the RHCE is lab-based, exams can only be taken at Red Hat authorized facilities and only during specific times of the year (you can find more information about locations near you here). This is something that should be considered when factoring the total cost of obtaining the RHCE credential as travel costs could be quite significant depending on your location.