Free Router Simulators

  1. Free Router Simulators

Obviously, where possible, training on the real thing when it comes to Cisco routers and other hardware is better when it comes to preparing for an exam. But when the budget doesn't stretch that far, or you only have limited access to hardware, then router simulators are the next best thing.

Here are a number of free router simulators that you can download, trial and practice with for your Cisco certification.

  • GNS3 - an open source network simulator software. There are tutorials on YouTube on how to install.

  • Packet Tracer - This is the Cisco Network Academy's learning software. Registration with the academy is required, which might be difficult to arrange, or you could opt for the many copies available on the web with a simple search.

  • Router Sim - Offer a free demo version of their simulator. It is a fully functional sim with all labs viewable, but just one lab unlocked.

  • Dynagen - Tutorial here

  • Labswitch - Free Cisco Catalyst Switch lab.

  • MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA - free 30 minute practice session offered.

  • NetSimK

  • Cert Exams - Demo versions of their simulators available.

  • Boson - NetSim for the CCENT, CCNA and CCNP with a demo available. Needs registration to download the demo.