Security Certifications

If you’re either looking to move into the information security sector, or if you just want to enhance or demonstrate your existing information security skills, then an InfoSec credential is well worth your while pursuing. But which InfoSec certification is right for you? The field of information security is as broad as it is complex, so picking the right certification for you can be as daunting as studying for the exam itself.

So to help you narrow the field, we dive in to a number of the most popular InfoSec certifications currently on the market. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it should serve as a good starting point to help you better understand what information security certifications are out there and which ones might be suitable for your career.

Checkpoint Certifications
Cisco Security Certifications
CompTIA Security Certifications
GIAC Certifications
(ISC)2 Security Certifications
Other InfoSec Certifications