The Student's Toolbox

These days there are a huge amount of resources available to help you squeeze the most out of your studying regime. So we've done the hard yards and put together a little 'toolbox' of sites that we consider to offer the best free resources for students to help you get organised and study more effectively.

Organising your time/schedule

Pocket Mod - A handy little online application that lets you create small notebooks or organisers that you can use to write things on. Great idea for keeping cram notes or exam schedules with you at all times. If you like to keep handwritten notes, this app could be for you.

30 Boxes - A great free online calendar that lets you take control of your schedule. Easy to use and has a few good features particularly good for students

Google Calendar - Another addition to the Google group of online applications. This free online calendar has all the features you?d expect, plus a few more.

HipCal - A web-based calendar with built in task management features. Supports group sharing and has a simple to use interface.

Soshiku - Helps you to manage your coursework and schedules. You can see at-a-glance all outstanding assignments, upcoming events, your schedule and your task list.

Notely - Notely is like the Swiss-Army knife for students. It features a variety of online tools to help students manage their routine better, including a schedule planner, calendar, note-taking, homework planner and more.

To Do Lists - Getting Things Done

Toodledo - A free web-based to-do list with a wide range of features. Enables you to organise your study routine and to have your list available no matter where you are.

Remember the Milk - Another useful free online to-do list application. Features include Google integration, reminders, map integration, collaboration and more.

Flex Lists - Create to-do lists or study lists and add extra notes to each line. Can be used for creating cram sheets and the like.

Orchestrate - A simple and easy to use interface for creating, viewing and managing to-do lists. Can create multiple lists.

Ta Da Lists - Easily create, edit and manage any number of lists, and you can keep them private or share them with others. A simple and effective way to keep track of your notes.

Rough Underbelly - Rough Underbelly takes the to-do list to a new level by allowing you to assign a points value to each item on the list. You can then set daily points goals to try to meet which helps to motivate you to get more done. You can graph your progress as you go.

Tasks, Jr - A self hosted web-based to-do list manager, with an easy to use interface and a range of good features. Users can upgrade from the free option to more advanced options.

Voo2do - A to-do list application that lets you create and manage your lists by project, and has other advanced features like time tracking, sharing and more.

Vitalist - A stylish to-do list manager implementing the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. This not only helps you to organise your to-do lists, but to also take action on them.

Tweeto - Stylish but simple Ajax powered to-do list / task manager that covers all of the core needs for creating and maintaining lists.

To Do List Templates - Offers a quick and easy way to create a printable template for a to-do list. If you know you won?t have access to a computer simply print off a to-do list and do it the old-fashioned way.

Mind Mapping / Planning

Freemind - Freemind is a free Java mind mapping application that can be used for brainstorming, taking notes, to plan and keep track of projects, studying routines, create a knowledgebase and more. - Free online mind mapping application. Easy to use and has many supporting features such as collaborative projects, easy publishing, and multi-language support amongst others.

Mind Meister - A mind mapping application with various levels of membership, including a standard free option. Users can upgrade to include more advanced functionality if required.

Mind42 - Mind42 is a browser-based mind mapping application. Like the others it too has a variety of features including the option to add pop-up notes to each mind map node.

Note Taking / Researching

Note Mesh - A Wikipedia-style note sharing website, more suitable for students although anyone can register. Share your notes with others who take the same courses you do.

Google Notebook - Web-based notetaking application that lets you take notes, grab snippets and images from webpages (with the help of a browser extension plugin), and organise your notes into sections and folders.

Keynote - An abandoned project, but still a useful free tool for note taking. Has many useful features and can be run from a flash drive.

Shorttext - Shorttext is a quick and easy way to make a permanent note if you?re away from your regular computer. Simply type the note and create a URL for later retrieval.

Sync Notes - A handy way to keep your notes at your fingertips at all times. Can be used online as well as offline.

Evernote - A very comprehensive note taking application that lets you collect and organise a wide variety of information including mobile phone photographs, web page snippets, e-mail and audio.

Luminotes - A personal wiki-style notebook that allows you to create your own set of linked notes. Simple to use and easy to get going with.

Word Processors, Spreadsheets etc.

Google Docs - Google docs gives you a free web based word processor, spreadsheet application and presentation application with support for proprietary formats like Microsoft?s .xls, .doc and .ppt.

Zoho Writer - Free online word processing application with group sharing and publishing features.

Your Draft - A free online rich text editor that you can use to create documents which can be shared, encrypted and retrieved later through a unique URL.

Think Free - A free online alternative to Microsoft Office. Word processor, spreadsheet, etc. Save your documents online so they are available to you from wherever you are.

Open Office - Open Office is a free office suite of desktop applications including a word processor, a spreadsheet application, a graphics app, a presentation app and a database app.

Project / Time Management

Grade Fix - An online project management system for your homework or other study activities. Keep track of your assignments online and get a handle on what you need to do and when. The free option allows for a limited number of open tasks

College Ruled - A free, online class scheduler and message board/note taking facility students. It requires a .edu e-mail address to sign up.

Backpack - Create to do lists, add notes or ideas, and organize pictures and upload files. Keep a calendar and manage projects. Offers a free 30-day trial.

Web Resources

Protopage - A customizable ?home page? where you can subscribe to any number of feeds to create your own personal home page. Use it to subscribe to as many certification resources related to your certification track as you can

Google Alerts - Use this free service to keep on top of news and information about the certification track you are doing. Good for making sure there are no surprises waiting for you on exam day and helpful for finding new resources to study with.

Google Books - Sample chapters from thousands of books and magazines across nearly all genres. Read chapters from your preferred study book before deciding to buy.

Google Scholar - A variety of resources can be found with this specialized search facility including books, white papers and more.

Google's Microsoft Related Search - Limits your search query to only Microsoft-related websites.

Google's Linux Related Search - Limits your search query to only Linux-related websites.


WizLite - Lets you highlight text on any webpage similar to a highlighter pen on actual paper. Can be used individually or as part of a group.

Zotero - A firefox extension that enables you to capture and take notes, manage attachments and images, search your notes, and more. Runs from your browser and integrates with Word and OpenOffice. - A handy way to copy text between two computers. Simply create a unique URL, and copy what ever text or files you wish. Open the URL from another computer and retrieve the information.

Google Desktop - Easily find files and other information on your computer, and with Google gadgets you can create to-do lists, take notes and much more.

Gliffy - A free online flow chart application. Use it to create network diagrams and such, or even as a mind mapping application.

Jott - Offers a free ?voice to text? service. Call the toll free number (U.S. only) and simply record a message. Your message will be converted into text and mailed to you.

Rescue Time - Helps you keep track of where your time goes. Tells you what applications and websites you spend the most time on, and can help you keep your studying regime on track.

Nutshell - Nutshell is a very handy 3-in-1 web-based application. It?s a multi-source search engine, a to-do list maker, and a note taker ? all in one. - An easy and convenient way to share reasonably large files with your friends and family. Up to 100MB can be stored and the process is quick and painless.

Encalc - Encalc is an advanced online scientific calculator that supports user-defined variables. Simple, yet full of features.

Microsoft's Dreamspark - If you can verify that you're a student (in most types of learning institutions) Microsoft will allow you free downloads of many types of professional-level developer and design tools at no charge.

Jing - Jing is a free screen capture program that you can download and install locally. Can also record video or screencasts.