Study Tips - Preparing for the Exam

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  • Take some time to research what the exam is like, the format of the exam and the type of questions that you might encounter. Always get this information directly from an official certifying source. Do this periodically throughout your studying period to make sure you have up-to-date information, and particularly just before you are ready to take the exam.

  • Print off a list of the exam objectives and use this to create your study plan. Where applicable, split the objectives into groups depending on how well you understand each concept, and constantly refer to the list to ensure that you are studying all the exam's objectives.

  • Determine what kind of exam you are preparing for. Most computer certification examinations use similar methods for testing candidates - multiple choice, drag and drop, adaptive, and hands-on simulations. Obviously your studying method should change depending on the type of exam you will be taking.

  • Gather as many resources that you can that relate to your exam's objectives. It's rare that you'll find one book or resource that will cover all of your exam's objectives adequately, so vary your sources of information as much as possible, ensuring you check the validity of third party information.

  • Have a good system for not only note taking, but information retrieving also. As it can take weeks or months to study for an exam the sheer amount of information that you process and take in can be overwhelming. Accessing that information quickly and readily is a key part of studying effectively.

  • Know the time and place of your exam. You'll have enough stress to cope with on the day without the added pressure of running late, getting lost, or not being able to find a parking space.

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