Study Skills

Most people have studied in the same way all of their life. Study skills learned as a youngster, no matter how inefficient, tend to stay with us right through to adulthood. As we progress through school we're so busy learning things that most of us have never taken the time to actually learn how to learn.

While on the surface learning a new subject sounds rather simple - just open a book and start reading - there's actually a lot that you can do to improve your study skills and influence your learning rate. Factors such as how, when and where you study, reading comprehension, note taking, body rythyms and much more all play a part in how effective your studying time will be.

So on the following pages are a number of tips and suggestions for improving your study skills and getting the most out of your studying time. Admittedly, every one of us is different when it comes to how we like to study but nevertheless the principles of effective studying remain the same. Some of these suggestions might seem obvious and simply a matter of common sense, while some, perhaps, not so. But even simple bits of advice are worth reiterating as these are the ones, most often, overlooked - and when it comes to preparing for a professional exam you should give yourself every opportunity you can to succeed.


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Adaptive Exam Strategies

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