Adaptive Exam Strategies

Adaptive exams are no more difficult or troublesome than regular fixed-length exams if you've studied adequately and know a few techniques for dealing with the adaptive exam format. Study hard and keep in mind the following techniques and you'll breeze through your next adaptive format exam:
  • Don’t go into the exam fearful of the adaptive process. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about adaptive exams. They are no more difficult or easy than fixed-length exams if you know your material. So just concentrate on learning the material.

  • Don't try to judge or guess if the next question you get is more difficult than the last one in order to determine if you have answered the last question correctly. Once you press the button for the next question, forget about the last one and move on.

  • Adaptive questions can be quite convoluted and sometimes even misleading. Read the question thoroughly and pick out relative and important parts. Make sure your answer covers the relevant items. You can't go back and change your answer later.

  • Don't worry if you start to approach the maximum number of questions in the exam. The important thing is to maintain your concentration and to ensure that you answer as many questions correctly as you can. Just because there might only be a handful of questions remaining, doesn't necessarily mean that you're not doing well in the exam. Don't let your mind wander and start stressing out.

  • Do not deliberately answer the early questions incorrectly in an effort to get easier questions thereafter.

  • Do not skip any questions. In the worst case scenario, guess your answer, but never leave a question blank.

  • Don't 'clock watch'. Clock watching is not so important with an adaptive test as each correct answer you give potentially shortens the time it will take you to pass the exam. It's far more important that you take your time with each question and try to get it right the first time.

  • Do not rely on braindumps to get through. More and more vendors are combining adaptive testing with behavioural software to analyse a candidate's performance making it even easier to spot the cheaters.


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